Nadzitsaga (the name of the traditional Northern Paiute "ball and stick" game) Lacrosse Club began as a partnership between the Burns Paiute Tribe, Harney County Commission on Children and Families and the Boys and Girls Club of Harney County to establish
the game of lacrosse (boy's and girl's) in rural eastern Oregon.
Nadzitsaga Lacrosse
will use the game of lacrosse to promote
four general ideals:

• To teach life skills by addressing topics such as leadership, responsibility, accountability, community involvement, serving others, dealing with mistakes, dealing with success, commitment, goal setting, integrity and sportsmanship;

• To increase physical activity and fitness with the intent of establishing a lifetime of fitness attitude;

 • To teach skills of lacrosse sufficiently well to compete against other Pacific Northwest lacrosse programs;

 • To provide an opportunity for Harney County lacrosse players to attend some of the highest quality undergraduate institutions in the country and continue playing lacrosse at the collegiate level.  The Head Coach will actively promote Harney County youth to lacrosse coaches and recruiters nationwide.

Nadzitsaga Lacrosse -  - 407 N. Broadway  -  Burns, OR  97720